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Pricing and Packages

For convenience, I offer three packages for my awesome clients. However, I'm definitely a person who doesn't believe in one size fits all, so tailoring my packages to suit your vision is definitely part of the fun!

  All my packages include:

1.  Consultation- We meet in person and figure out if we're right for each other. Sure, you've found the love of your life, but finding a photographer is a pretty big deal too! 

2.  Design Session- After everything is booked, we work out the timeline, figure out what photos are important to you, who you'd like in the photos and who you'd like to keep out (haha, kidding, but it's happened). We will also use this time to focus on the engagement shoot and how you'd like to tell your love story!

3. Engagement Session- Our connection is paramount. Even though we'll get to know each other pretty well at the consultation and design session, you should never underestimate the power a camera has in making people nervous or uneasy. The engagement session is included in all my packages so that both you and your fiance can experience what it's like to be in front of the camera. It's there so I can figure out how to get genuine emotion of you as well; everyone reacts differently to having their pictures taken. This way, when your wedding day rolls around, everyone is comfortable with each other and we can make the most of our time. I also believe that you should meet my second shooters before the wedding day and this is the perfect opportunity!

4. Wedding Day Coverage- There are so many different options here, such as hours of coverage, second shooter, etc.  But the big news here is that you'll go into the day already having a bond with your photographer and we'll have everything planned out for your day! While I like to think I'm generally over prepared (girl scouts anyone?), our open communication will mean that I'll know what to specifically over prepare for: dark church, low light reception, first look after sundown. I've got it, and I'm on it!

5. My Random Skills and Emergency Wedding Day Kit- I know it sounds strange, but with all the weddings I've done, I've learned a lot of valuable skills. I can tie ties, fold napkins, sew, and I bring plenty of other extra gadgets and gizmos to help out should something go wrong. I hope it's really coming through that I care a lot about my clients and making everything run smoothly! 

6. Professional Editing- Lots of education and practice has gone into my editing and, if you've made it this far, you probably like my style. Thanks! If we ever want to share a good laugh, just ask me to share some of my first edits with you...eeeesh. 

7. Online Gallery- I currently provide all my clients with an online gallery of their engagement session and their wedding. However, I would love to get artwork into your hands and provide you with canvases and prints and albums! Smelling and touching and displaying is just a much better experience than having those photos online. Anyway, I digress, you are more than free to purchase any of those items through me. I've worked hard to find great vendors with amazing products.  

8. Reveal Session- So now that the wedding is over, we meet again to relive your wedding day. I'll bring some snacks and some drinks and we'll kick back and enjoy the show. If you're purchasing an album, now is the time that we build it together. If you just want to look at your photos and marvel at how fabulous you and your spouse look, and how much fun your guests are having, I'm totally down with that too!

As you can see, I pour my heart and soul into my clients and their wedding day.  As a result, my packages start at $3700.  

If you'd like more information on my upper level packages or any additional options that I offer, please reach out! If you made it this far in reading everything I've posted, I'm sure we'll get along very well!

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